Vasanth Sub Pre

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  • Vasanth Sub Pre Grand
  • deep bass effect
  • perfect match for any subwoofer
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This Is A Dual Power Supply Subwoofer Pre-Board. This Board Comes With Dual Ic. One IC Is 4558 And Another One Is TL084. What Is The Good Thing About This Board This Board Comes With Onboarding 4558. Which Will Give You The Best Audio Result? What Is Good About This Board Is This Board Has 3 Pre-Set Which Means You Can Adjust The Input Gain, Subwoofer Frequency, And Subwoofer Output Gain… For This Board, You Can Get Very Hard Bass Because The IC Used In This Board Is TL084… If You Want Smooth And Mild Bass Then This Board Is Not Suitable For You…

1 review for Vasanth Sub Pre

  1. ravi

    best sub pre board in the market

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