G-TECH II color DSP kit with HDMI With Dolby DTS

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  • full dolby and DTS support.
  • USB DTS player.
  • color display.
  • folder surfing options.
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1: Support three HDMI input, one Coaxial input, one Optical input, one

AUX input, one BlueTooth 5.0 input, and one USB 2.0 input. You can select Input

sources randomly via Button or Remote.

2: Support one HDMI(ARC) output, ,one 5.1ch analog audio output and 5.1ch I2S output .

3: HDMI resolution up to 4Kx2K@60hz,support HDMI2.0b and HDCP 2.3,support 3D and HDR.

4: USB player support audio format :ISO、DSD、DTS、DTS-ES、WAV、AC3、FLAC、APE、HDCD、

     AAC、WMV、MP3、M4A etc.

5: USB player supports Folder song selection and Digital song selection.

6: USB player support DSD256/1bit and PCM 384KHz/32bit

7: Bluetooth support version 5.0, the distance of 15 meters, the protocol of AAC/SBC.

8: Support output mode:5.1ch/4.1ch/3.1ch/2.1ch/2.0ch etc.

9: Automatically detect Input source,hardware decode(Real 5.1ch) if source is DTS/AC3,and

software decode(Virtual 5.1ch) if source is PCM.

10: With memory function in case of power-down, automatically switch to the last playing song,

Input mode, setting of volume, and function.

11: Support knob or remote to adjust global and mono volume, and each channel

supports 100 levels of adjustment

12: Support 3.2” color LCD.

13: Support  input: DC 12V.2A

Weight2 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 10 cm


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