Gem Tech DSP 5.1 Dolby Remote Kit


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DSP Remote Kit

♦ Gem Tech 5.1 Home Theater Remote kit prepared to support Audio Amplifier setting Technicians.

♦   Product code: GT-R003
♦   Power supply : 0 12vdc single supply/2 amp max
♦   Display Size : 128×64(GLCD)
♦   Inbuilt of USB, Bluetooth & FM

Can attach below-said boards with this Remote Kit
Gem Tech’s boards
♦   6 Channel Speaker Protection Board
♦   Digital Switching Board
Market boards
♦   HD Audio Rush
♦   Ayino HDMI Board
♦   FT003-V2

Package Includes
1 x Top Kit (GLCD kit)
1 x Bottom Kit (Audio Processor Board)
1 x Rotary Encoder with PCB
1 x Wire Set
1 x Remote
1 x USB Socket

♦   Independent digital volume control of 5.1 channels: 0 to -99 dB(50 Steps, 2dB per step)
♦   Independent Gain Control(Input Gain & Output Gain) of 5.1 channels. 0 to +14 dB (7steps, 2dB per step)
♦   Tone Control for Bass/Treble. -14 to +14dB. (14 steps, 2dB per step)
♦   Default 3 L/R input & one 5.1 Input.  Additional Boards of Opt/Coax/HDMI can be added according to the version update.
♦   Default 5.1/2.1 Audio out can be set in Admin Settings.
♦ One-time 5.1 Input settings in “Admin Settings” for Market Boards like HD Audio Rush, Etc.
♦   Last Memory recalls Input, Volume, Gain & Welcome Name automatically.
♦   Mute/Pause/GLCD Back Light off, will be released automatically once you click the Volume button.
♦   Stand-by/Pause will be released by the First Click(Press) of the Rotary Encoder.
♦   “Test Tone” provided on long press of the “Gain” button.  Before doing it, play any one song by USB/Bluetooth/FM.
♦   According to the input Remote button few will work, few will not work.
♦   Normal Reset & Factory Reset provided.

USB – Version 2   
♦   Supported Audio file formats: mp3, WAV, FLAC, WMA, DTS(stereo only)
♦   Lyrical display on 16×2 LCD
♦   Song Selection can be by number.  Provided song selection: Next, Previous, Next Folder, Previous Folder. Play/Pause, Mute.  Play File option given (Single, Random, All etc.).  Supports Equalizer (6 Type).
♦   Stimulated Surround.
♦   NB: File name should not cross 50 characters.  Keep the proper above-said file format only in Pen-drive to run smoothly.
♦   Equalizers mode has 6 Types.
1) Normal
2) Rock
3) Pop
4) Classic
5) Jass
6) Country
♦   Repeat mode has 5 Types.
1) All
2) One Drive
3) One File
4) Random
5) Folder

♦   Press the “Play/Pause” button for Auto-Tune.  Once it is completed you can select Next/Prev Channels.
♦   FM TUNE Single Freq. adjustment:- /+ button given. The same button for USB  too for the Next/Previous Folder.
♦   Can select directly to Channel or Frequency by giving input of channel or Frequency number.  For Frequency input, omit DOT.

BLUETOOTH – Version 5                                                                
♦   Name “GEM TECH AUDIO” auto detects on mobile to connect.
♦   Remote control for audio: Next, Previous, Play/Pause.
♦   Audio files AC3 & AAC Supported.

♦   To go to Admin Settings, Press the Gain & Eq button.

♦   A 5.1 home theater system refers to an audio setup that includes five speakers and one subwoofer.
The “5.1” designation breaks down as follows:
5: This number indicates the standard five speakers in the setup.
1: This number indicates the subwoofer.

Here’s a detail of the 5.1 Home Theater :
Front Left and Front Right Speakers (2): These speakers are typically placed on either side of the television or screen. They handle the main audio, providing stereo sound.
Center Speaker (1): Placed above or below the screen, the center speaker is responsible for dialogue and other central audio elements. It enhances clarity and ensures that voices come from the center of the
Rear Left and Rear Right Speakers (2): These speakers are positioned behind the viewing area, often on the rear walls or mounted to the ceiling. They contribute to surround sound effects, immersing the viewer in a
more spatial audio experience.
Subwoofer (1): The subwoofer handles low-frequency sounds, such as deep bass. It adds richness and depth to the overall audio experience, especially during action scenes or music with heavy bass.
A 5.1 home theater system can provide a more immersive audio experience for movies, music, and other multimedia content when properly set up.

Manual & Wire Connection Diagram for available Software Version
Google Drive Link

Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 10 cm

2 reviews for Gem Tech DSP 5.1 Dolby Remote Kit

  1. rafi

    best remote kit for ft003

  2. Ranjit

    Good product tq for the on time delivery

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